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Daily News, America’s oldest college newspaper, is published Monday through Friday during the academic year and serves the Yale and New Haven communities. The paper includes news, sports, entertainment and celebrity gossip, comics, classified ads, a feature section and an opinion section. The News is also known for its annual special issues focusing on Yale-Harvard game day issues, Commencement issues and first year student issues. The News’ historic archive is housed in the Yale University Library.

Of the 22% of YouTube news channels that are affiliated with a television station, cable news channel or broadcast television show, most (64%) have a focus on politics and current events. The rest of the channels have a variety of other topics, including business and technology. These channels are more likely to produce videos with longer running times — most have a median video length of over 12 minutes.

Many channels based on news organizations use a variety of methods to generate revenue. The most common method is through a subscription service, which provides a monthly income for the channel. This is the case for 66% of the channels studied, including Patreon (used by 65%) and YouTube’s own donation service (25%). In addition, about a third of these channels offer merchandise or other products in their videos to generate revenue.

A smaller proportion of these news organization-affiliated channels are personality-driven, with most focusing on current events and some examining specific figures. A little over a fifth of these channels are oriented around a single individual, usually a radio or television show host such as Tom Hartmann or Mike Huckabee. A slightly larger percentage of independent channels are personality-driven — about one-in-five of these videos.

The vast majority of these channels are neither positive nor negative in tone, with most taking a neutral stance toward their main subject. Roughly one-in-five of these channels took a negative tone toward their main subject, however, which is twice as high as the rate of independent channels that focused on Trump.

Despite the popularity of these channels, most are not profitable. Among the most popular channels, only 16% generated more than $150,000 in revenue last year. Most of the remaining channels are in the red or close to it.

A hedge fund-controlled media chain whose newspapers include the New York Daily News and Chicago Tribune is facing widespread employee opposition to its latest cost cutting efforts. Tribune Publishing shareholders are due to vote next week on a deal to sell the company to cost-cutting billionaire Heath Freeman’s Alden Global Capital. The newspaper’s unionized workers voted to represent themselves in the NewsGuild of New York ahead of the vote, in a move that could set off a series of legal battles and protests. Several other unionized papers in the chain are expected to follow suit, which would complicate the sale. Tribune Publishing, which has already fired thousands of employees, recently offered some of its remaining full-time staffers buyout deals.