The Daily News Adds Meghan Koglin to Its Staff

Daily News


The history of the Daily News began in 1898 when a Thai man named Saeng Hetrakul founded the paper. At that time, the paper was known as the Naew Na Haeng Yuk Daily News. However, the Daily News soon shifted to its current location on a single floor in an office building on 33rd Street and Tenth Avenue. Throughout the twentieth century, the newspaper has gained a reputation for being pro-democracy and pro-civil rights. The newspaper also published a monthly insert for African Americans called BET Weekend, which began as a quarterly publication and eventually became a monthly publication. In 1997, BET Weekend had a circulation of over one million copies and appeared in 15 markets across the country.

In its century-long history, the Daily News has undergone a number of dramatic events. In addition to many ownership changes, the paper has filed for bankruptcy protection and has faced two robberies at its printing plants. In addition, the newspaper has been involved in several labor strikes and staff purges. The news has also been hit by hurricanes and a fire in its headquarters. As the digital age has ushered in a new era of media, the Daily News has found a more liberal voice in its political coverage.


The Daily News has added Meghan Koglin to its staff. She joins the paper from Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, where she studied journalism and served as a news editor. In addition to writing a weekly column, Meghan will also contribute occasional features. She will continue to write her “Reality Check” column, which has become a popular read among readers.

Impact on journalism

The Internet has dramatically changed the way people consume news, but it’s also changing the way journalists work. The new daily news sources are challenging the reputation of the traditional media. It is critical for journalists to adapt their craft to cope with this new challenge. For example, they must learn to deal with the increased role of emotion in reporting.

In the United States, newspapers have played a vital role in the public and political realm since the founding of the republic. Sadly, many cities are losing their last daily newspaper. As more people switch to online news sources, resources for traditional journalism are drying up. Meanwhile, online news providers are missing out on revenue.