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Daily news refers to a steady stream of current events and affairs. It can take the form of television and radio broadcasts, news websites or newspaper articles. It is a form of mass media that focuses on a variety of different topics, including politics, business and culture.

Some newspapers specialize in a certain region of the world or a specific topic, while others offer a broad spectrum of global and local news. Others may focus on one particular segment of the population, such as the elderly, women or children. In the digital age, many people access the news through social media sites or mobile apps, rather than traditional print sources.

During the period of this study, the most common topic discussed in news videos was Donald Trump’s impeachment, which generated nearly twice as many views on average than domestic issues. Videos that focused on Trump’s actions or policies outside the context of his impeachment were also very popular, averaging over 250,000 views.

While most news videos had a positive tone, negative ones still outnumbered them by about five-to-one. Roughly one-in-five videos took a negative tone toward their main subject, and another 4% were mixed in their perspective.

A large percentage of the daily news is available online, and many of these websites use algorithms to determine how important stories are for readers. This allows them to filter out stories that are not relevant and highlight those that are. Ultimately, this helps the news to be more accessible to readers.

Newspapers were once a staple of American life, with millions of subscribers reading their daily editions. However, the industry has been struggling since the mid-2000s, and circulation continues to decline. This trend is exacerbated by the rise of online news and the proliferation of smartphones. The Center’s data on daily newspaper circulation is based on the financial statements of publicly traded U.S. newspaper companies, which in 2020 numbered more than 300 and included a range of sizes and types, from large national papers to midsize metro dailies and small local newspapers.

This data is updated each year on the date that the annual report is published by the newspaper publisher, using the information in the most recent annual statement available to determine the percentage change from the previous year’s total for weekday and Sunday print circulation. The data through 2012 is sourced from the trade association formerly known as the Newspaper Association of America (NAA), and data from 2013 forward is based on the Center’s analysis of the financial statements of publicly traded U.S. newspapers, which in 2020 accounted for over 300 million print and online daily readers.

A generous gift from an anonymous Yale College alumnus has made it possible to migrate and expand the Daily News Historical Archive. The archive now includes newspapers from 1996 to the present. It also now contains a searchable database of digitized daily news stories from each issue. It is free and accessible to the general public.